The Biblical and Theological Studies concentration is …

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Ministry degrees educate students for the practice of ministry …

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Christian Counseling

The Christian Psychology degree gives insight into the …

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Christian Education

The College of Christian Education is to prepare students for a …

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Coming Soon Clinical & Practical Study Program.

Our staff is currently working on practical ministry, mission programs and clinical study for Christian Psychology Licensing programs. More information is coming soon.



Shofar Bible College & Ministries’ Empowerment Center was founded in order to help fight income inequality. Below are courses we offer for free. The purpose is to educate
individuals in poor communities and in assist in raising their employability skills. In other cases, the purpose is to re-train the individual to become a freelance contract worker on the internet. Our empowerment center is located in Jacksonville, FL. If you are interested in attending classes or Shofar Bible College.


General education courses, including refresher courses to assist students in preparing to take the GED exams. Courses include basic communication skills and writing skills. Following completion of the refresher courses, students will have an opportunity to take the GED High School Equivalent exams.

Employability Skills Training

This is a four week course. Course will include resume’ building and mock interviews. Students will also receive extensive Microsoft Office Training and Windows Operating Systems training.

Freelance Internet Academy

Students will be trained and equipped with marketable internet skills. The course includes introduction to internet business platforms and operations, Social Media Marketing skills, video editing training, and mobile application creation training.